Pornhub Got a Rise Out of Facebook’s Record-Setting Outage

Traffic was up while the social network was down

Searches for Instagram on Pornhub were up 323 percent compared with an average day - Credit by Pornhub
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Facebook’s loss was Pornhub’s gain, as the Canadian adult-video-sharing site reported a surge in traffic while the social network and its family of applications dealt with the longest recorded outage in their history.

The outage began around noon ET Wednesday, and Pornhub said in a blog post that its traffic was up 11 percent above average by 1 p.m. and 19 percent above average by 7 p.m., with the latter already representing one of the site’s top viewing periods.


And while some businesses may have been getting screwed by the outage, Pornhub users were viewing it in a different light, with searches for Instagram up 323 percent in popularity compared with an average day, and searches for Facebook up 221 percent.


Pornhub also said celebrities with traditionally strong followings on Facebook and Instagram were more in demand on its platform, led by Emily Ratajkowski (up 37 percent compared with an average day), Ariana Grande (32 percent) and Shay Mitchell (29 percent).

Pornhub David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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