Possible Banksy in Detroit Shows Up on eBay for $75,000

During the Sundance Film Festival, where the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop premiered, supposed Banksy street art popped up around town, leading to those usual “Was it really by him?” questions and lending some nice promotion to the film. More recently, early last month, the Banksy-in-the-U.S. attention shifted to Detroit, where a lawsuit was filed against a gallery who has allegedly sneaked in to an abandoned factory and swiped an apparent Banksy original. Now an eBay listing with its counterpart has recently been placed. From that same factory, on an adjacent wall from the piece that landed the gallery in hot water, a possible Banksy called “Canary in a Cage,” has been posted, with an asking price: $75,000. The Detroit Free Press reports that there’s no confirmation that it was definitely made by the artist, but because a photo of it appeared on Banksy’s site back in May, and its close proximity to the stolen piece, makes it easier to believe that it’s the real deal. Here’s a bit:

According to the eBay page, which includes a 248 area code, there is one week before the auction closes on the nearly 2,000-pound “one-of-a-kind Banksy original.” After the wall containing the art was removed, it was packed with spray foam before transporting to ensure no cracks were made to the block. As of this afternoon, no one had made a bid on the brick wall bearing the graffiti art.