Post-a-Day Apps Reign on This Week’s List of Fastest Facebook Growers by MAU

Frases Diarias continues its streak on this week’s list of fastest-growing apps on Facebook by monthly active users. The Spanish language phrase-of-the-day app has done incredibly well, considering that it now has about 6.5 million MAU — more than 10 percent of what’s probably a native-language Spanish speaking population of more than 60 million people on Facebook.

Do keep in mind when you’re looking at the below figures that they actually represent over two weeks worth of gains, following a Facebook bug that halted MAU reporting for a time. Here’s the AppData list of the top 20 apps:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Frases Diarias 6,485,283 +3,269,500 +101.67
2. MindJolt Games 16,014,674 +3,055,366 +23.58
3. Nightclub City 2,555,064 +1,577,030 +161.24
4. Facebook 35,628,483 +1,274,631 +3.71
5. Family Feud 6,051,862 +1,235,533 +25.65
6. Static FBML 65,487,654 +1,231,700 +1.92
7. @Smiles 7,938,137 +916,681 +13.06
8. Name Analyzer 1,668,781 +825,429 +97.87
9. Movies 4,723,530 +794,684 +20.23
10. My Empire 797,601 +791,760 +13,555.21
11. Yearbook 4,844,143 +714,923 +17.31
12. Bola 3,286,966 +714,444 +27.77
13. Profile HTML 1,329,130 +582,660 +78.06
14. Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones 17,735,490 +574,681 +3.35
15. Games 2,677,583 +564,207 +26.70
16. Monster World 1,014,358 +558,300 +122.42
17. Kingdoms of Camelot 3,709,340 +525,450 +16.50
18. Profile picture analyzer 579,151 +524,576 +961.20
19. Ninja Saga 5,336,824 +508,751 +10.54
20. Jungle Life 962,500 +502,097 +109.06

MindJolt Games, the largest game portal app on Facebook, is regaining ground that it lost after its acquisition in the beginning of March. Its new owners may be experimenting with tactics for growth, although it’s hard to imagine that it could grow a great deal more, as it’s already number eight overall in the games category.

We’ll talk more about the other games, including Nightclub City, over at Inside Social Games. The next app of real note is @Smiles, if only for its steady growth. the app simply shares a bit of content each day on users’ walls, the same time-tested tactic that’s seeing Frases do so well.

Movies is an interesting appearance. The three year old Flixster app has seen good times and bad; a year ago, it had well over 10 million MAU. When it started growing again a week or two ago, it only had four million. But the recovery isn’t going too badly, with over 20 percent (re)growth so far.

Last and nearly least, at least among this group, is Yearbook, which tracks your old classmates. Yearbook is another old app that was once bigger; but users come and go on Facebook. For now, Yearbook appears to be regaining some of its old glory, though: the app has been gaining solidly for a month.

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