Postcard to Bret Baier: We Understand

Look Bret Baier, we understand where you’re coming from. You’re an anchor for FNC and Media Matters, which bashes your network every hour on the hour, has some lowly wonkoid research fellow enter your Twitter trivia contest. And he wins. Shit. Now what do you do?

Well, you do what you did yesterday, which is what any self-respecting FNC anchor would do with those animals over at Media Matters — you ignored him. Specifically, Eric Hananoki, who took precious time away from researching how to bash you to answer a perfectly intelligent question about a toad sculpture.

Your Trivia Q: “In the Grapevine, during last night’s Special Report, how much did the giant toad sculpture outside a new defense dept. building cost?”

Hananoki came in strong a minute later with the correct answer of $600,000 and a question. “Any comment on Bill Sammon?” he tagged onto his tweet. The fellow wanted your thoughts on your colleague Sammon’s admission to lying on air about POTUS being a socialist. You ignored the Sammon question (damn straight, by the way) and gave the award to the deliciously-named Mark Grapentine, offering him a sweet FNC hat, mug or tie. (Because really, who doesn’t want Fox News neckwear? Personally, we’d like the mug as an intimidation tactic.)

We know you’re still bitter, Hananoki. But there’s always next week. Same time. Same place.