Posterous 3.0 for iPhone “Spaces” Takes Aim at Google+ Circles

With Tumblr getting a lot of attention recently for its rapid growth, Posterous released major update to its web service and iPhone app this week. But, its target doesn’t appear to be Tumblr. It looks like the update is aimed at Google+ instead.

Woo-hoo! Introducing Posterous Spaces

Here’s the list of new features in the Tumblr 3.0 update app.

– New Reader Tab to view & comment on friend’s posts.
– New Popular Tab to discover cool Spaces worth following.
– New Activity Tab to keep-up on comments, likes & more.
– Set-up Autoposts directly from the app.
– Create multi-contributor Spaces for groups in minutes, plus create unlimited public or private Spaces with full privacy control.

If this sounds somewhat familiar, it should. It sounds a lot like Google+ and its Circles grouping feature. Posterous Spaces permits setting up multiple “spaces.” Each of these spaces can have a defined group of people who can access it. Unlike Circles, however, Spaces provides a way for all group members to contribute to the Space. Google+ Circles are one-way groupings that is not known or accessible by people other than the Circle creator.

The 3.0 update to the Posterous app provides access to these new features. You can find the Posterous 3.0 for iPhone app at:

Posterous (iTunes App Store)