PR Before Twitter

Remember what PR was like before Twitter? Before flash mobs?

Remember what it was like before the Internet?

What about before the telephone?

We couldn’t resist posting this–if you’re a PR pro interested in what your profession was like in Ye Olde Days, you can attend the inaugural History Of PR conference in Bournemouth, UK.

You’ll hear about PR in 1890’s Germany, the PR “functions of U.S. frontier women,” and, okay, some more recent stuff too, where telephones were commonplace. Specifically intriguing is this paper by Owen Kulmeka titled “All the old media were once new media: Public relations and new media technologies between 1950-1999.”

Yes, it’s across the pond so it may be a stretch to get there for some of you, but what a cool merger of history, academia, and flackery.

saucy PR wenches photo by Wolfrage

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