PR Is the Most Popular Internship Ever

New study from InternMatch.

InternMatch, a company that matches interns with positions best suited for them (duh) recently released a survey involving nearly 50,000 students and recent college grads.

Comms vets will be very happy with the results of the “State of College Hiring 2015” report:

  • Marketing/PR/advertising internships are easily the most popular among college students
  • In terms of actual internships awarded, the industry ranks a very, very close second behind tech
  • Students who complete such internships are considerably more likely than their peers to get jobs after graduation

Here’s the most interesting list:

top 10 internships

Now here’s an alternately frightening/encouraging fact: less than half of students who graduated last year are currently employed full-time. Still, those who majored in communications do better than most as 48.3 percent of them now have full time gigs.

The big conclusion here is that there are plenty of students looking to break in to communications, and quite a few of them are getting work–so there’s no shortage of entry-level talent.

What the industry does with that talent is another thing entirely…and this survey does raise some questions about the process of transitioning from intern to valuable member of a comms team.

Still, we choose to see the glass as almost half full in this case.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.