PR Salaries Rise…At Law Firms

Even in a bad economy, seems the world needs lawyers—heck, even going bankrupt takes the help of a legal pro.

That might be why a new survey says that PR pros at law firms saw their salaries rise by an average of 18 percent last year, reports. The average salary was $139,000.

The study also noted that 65 percent of survey respondents say their firm publishes at least one blog, up from 42 percent the previous year, and Twitter is used by 69 percent of firms versus 47 percent last year. Added social media responsibilities are almost surely behind the salary bumps as firms that don’t have a social media budget pay their PR pro an average of $26,000 less.

Most of the 69 respondents (admittedly a small sample size) didn’t expect raises, though 3/4 did, the study noted.

How to get into this lucrative PR niche? Almost half of the respondents with advanced degrees had a JD, not a MBA or other degree. But most (68 percent) have ten years or less experience in the law industry and only 12 percent were attorneys before moving to PR. There is hope yet!