PressJack is No Threat to Flipboard, Zite

This past weekend I’ve been playing with a new digital publishing tool called PressJack. It’s designed to take your digital content and present it in a pretty Flash based layout. It’s actually very different from Flipboard and Zite.

PressJack is intended to help publishers make a digital magazine that they will then host on the publishers’ website. And yes, it is intended for publishers, not the end user. The free version of PressJack has ads, and the pay version starts at $500 per license. You can make up to 10 magazines for that price, but it’s still rather expensive.

The layout design is quite good, and PressJack has a decent set of features (bookmarks, sharing, clipping, etc). Unfortunately, it’s dependent on Adobe Flash. I discovered this when I tried to read my test magazine on my iPad. That is a killer IMO. PressJack really should have been based on HTML5; that way it would actually work where I want to use it.

I don’t want a magazine experience on my laptop; I want it on a tablet. The iPad will never support Flash and a lot of Android tablets have Flash support that is at best iffy. So until PressJack replaces Flash with HTML5, I really don’t see a reason to use it.