Prettygreat Launches Land Sliders on iOS

The game sees players swiping to move the world underneath one of 50 characters in order to collect the items those characters love most.

Australian developer Prettygreat was founded in February 2015 by three Halfbrick veterans, and now, the developer has released its first title on iOS devices: Land Sliders. Created by Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride creator Luke Muscat, Land Sliders sees players helping people and objects collect the one thing they love most.

Land Sliders challenges players to explore procedurally generated worlds as they collect each character’s special item. The game offers two control schemes. By default, players swipe to move the entire world around the stationary character, while the other option allows players to slide the character around a stationary world.

Land Sliders 2

In each round of play, gamers swipe to collect items while also avoiding obstacles like bears, dinosaurs, pits and more. Players can advance to future areas even without collecting all of the items in their current stage, with the goal being to collect as many items as possible before eventually failing.

Gamers can activate quests while exploring, which ask them to complete specific tasks, like collecting a large number of the key item, or avoiding a charging bull, as examples. If a quest is too difficult, players can cancel it and begin another.

While players begin as an explorer who loves collecting maps, 50 characters are available to collect at launch. Additional characters include a witch who collects cauldrons, a pirate searching for treasure chests and a toaster looking for pieces of bread, among many others. Gamers unlock these characters at random by purchasing mystery boxes with coins, or can purchase individual characters instantly via in-app purchase.

Coins can be found scattered throughout the world while playing, are rewarded at specific timed intervals, can be earned by watching video ads and are also rewarded as players level up each individual character, which is achieved by collecting its favorite item in bulk.

Land Sliders is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.