Prettygreat Releases Slide the Shakes on iOS

The game challenges players to slide milkshakes across a bar top so they land in a target zone.

Land Sliders developer Prettygreat has launched its second title on iOS: Slide the Shakes. The game challenges players to slide milkshakes across a bar top so they land in a target zone.

Slide the Shakes is a level-based experience, with each level comprised of multiple ‘slides’ to complete. To play, users drag their finger on the screen to set the power of their slide (represented by a colored meter), and let go to release the milkshake.

Levels become more complicated as players progress. The bar top frequently changes in shape or length, and additional challenges, like ice patches and holes in the bar (as examples), are introduced over time.

If players fail a slide due to not using enough power, they can try again without penalty. However, if they send the milkshake off of the bar top entirely, they must restart the level from the first slide, even if they were near the end.

As players complete every fifth level, they’ll unlock a new milkshake to slide. Milkshakes are collected in the game’s Shakeopedia, with each entry including a recipe to create the treat in the real world.

Slide the Shakes is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. While free-to-play, gamers can spend $0.99 to skip a level and move on.