Preview Reviews of RIM BlackBerry Playbook Appearing: Half-baked like Motorola Xoom?

Research in Motion (RIM) ruled the mobile device world for years until the iPhone and, later, Android challenged it for mindshare and marketshare. Today, RIM is attempting to break into the tablet world that Apple’s iPad currently rules. RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook is only available as a pre-order item to most of the world. However, a number of tech reviewers have been given review units and released their thoughts this week. These preview reviews are, for the most part, lukewarm. Here’s what two of the reviewers had to say.

Walt Mossberg – All Things Digital
PlayBook: A Tablet With a Case Of Codependency

Still, unless you are constantly glued to a BlackBerry phone, or do all your email, contacts and calendar tasks via a browser, I recommend waiting on the PlayBook until more independently usable versions with the promised additions are available.

Tim Stevens – Engadget
BlackBerry PlayBook review

Right now, the BlackBerry PlayBook is a tablet that will come close to satisfying those users who gravitate toward the first word in its name: BlackBerry. Those who were more excited about the “play” part would be well advised to look elsewhere, at least until Android compatibility joins the party

It sounds like the PlayBook, which uniquely needs to be partnered to a BlackBerry phone for full features, is somewhat half-baked like Motorola’s much anticiated Android 3.0 based Xoom tablet.

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