#PRFail: Samsung’s Flammable Phone Response Backfires

Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, has a hot deal for the holidays. Its Galaxy S4 is smartly designed, fast as can be and oh yeah, catches on fire while charging. While that last note isn’t something most desirable for the kiddos, Samsung finds itself in a particular crisis communications ballyhoo.

A YouTuber who blasts his selfie videos under the name of “Ghostlyrich” is the reason Samsung hates social media. Why? Because instead of addressing Samsung’s customer service department and fighting through that malevolent hold music of “The Carpenters Greatest Holiday Hits,” he does this for the world to see.

That, and NSFW lingo the cool kids use, after the jump…

Wasn’t that sweet?

No, not the Richard Pryor-esque bleeping. I meant the death trap known as the smartphone in question. So, Samsung caught wind of this video (which has more than 455,000 views) and decided to give Ghostlyrich a hush phone. According to The Daily Dot, Ghostlyrich actually went the route of customer service and The Carpenters, and Samsung just had to push that envelope by asking for proof.

They got it … worldwide.

To wit, Samsung attempted damage control with a free phone and a settlement proposal, in which Ghostlyrich would have to “delete his YouTube video, promise not to upload similar material, officially absolve the company of all liability, waive his right to bring a lawsuit or other legal complaint, and never make the terms of this agreement public.”

Yeah, about that? Fame is just too damn addictive. So are scruples. Ghostlyrich had an issue with Samsung trying to keep the issue about its flammable not-so-smartphones quiet. So, he grabs his selfie device and films this gem, which has received more than 750,000 views.

Somewhere, Apple is laughing their Macintosh @$$ off.