Far from Bel Air Circuit, San Diego Couple Living It Up – Robert Evans Style

Get ready to hear more about Prima Cinema Inc. in the coming months. Per an article in the LA Times by Daniel Miller, the company’s product costs around $35,000 plus another $500-600 per stream, plugs into expensive home-theater set-ups and allows the lucky homeowners to access select first-run Hollywood titles the same weekend the movies arrive in theaters.

From Miller’s article:

The Schultzes are not members of the exclusive “Bel-Air circuit”… Instead, these Rancho Santa Fe film fans, who also own a West Hollywood condominium they bought from actor Matthew Perry, are willing to pay a premium to screen movies as the Hollywood moguls do.

They didn’t blink at the cost of the movies or the system, built by Prima Cinema Inc. “When the projector costs three times that, you don’t pay attention to the Prima cost,” said Ken Schultz, an energy company investor who made his money in solar panels. “We have boxes at the Hollywood Bowl, and we go to Disney Concert Hall to see Dudamel. Even if we watch 10 to 12 movies a year on Prima, it is still a fraction of our overall entertainment budget.”

Miller has details on which studios are currently participating, talks with a skeptical member of the Bel Air circuit and also shares a rather hilarious quote from Jason Pang, CEO of Carlsbad-headquartered Prima. Read the full piece here.

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