Royals Ban Satirical Coverage of William and Kate’s Wedding

Columbia Journalism Review, “relieved” to find a Royal Wedding angle for today (as are we!) is reporting that Australian Broadcasting Network (ABC) has been forced to cancel a planned satirical special covering Friday’s hallowed wedding.

The special involved an Australian comedy troupe known as the Chaser boys who would satirically comment on the wedding live on ABC2, while more slavish coverage would be be broadcast on ABC1.

But there’s nothing funny about the Royal Wedding. It is the greatest and most serious thing that’s happened to us since Brad and Angelina had a child together.  So the Chaser boys’ plan was squashed when ABC was informed by the Associated Press Television Network (APTN) that “new conditions of use issued by APTN over the Easter break state footage cannot be used ‘in any drama, comedy, satirical or similar entertainment program or content’.”

As Joel Meares writes at CJR:

Finally, isn’t it odd that the royals can still dictate to the media the conditions under which they can be covered? And equally astonishing that the media would agree to those conditions? If the effect of their rule change is minimal, why not make the case that there is minimal need to change the rules?

We are back under the rule of the British Empire. We all knew this would happen some day.