PrivacyStar for BlackBerry Lets You Block Groups of Numbers or Even an Entire Area Code

I don’t use a BlackBerry. So, I can’t test out this app, but I like its concept.

First Orion Announces Upgrades to PrivacyStar for BlackBerry Smartphones

The app can block individual phone numbers, groups of numbers, and even an entire area code. It also logs infomartion about incoming calls (date, time, number and identity) to help you provide information to authorities when making a complaint. A personal web portal is provided to manage blocked callers.

The app and its service is priced like a traditional telephone company service (say Caller ID) instead of an app. Thee is a $2.99 per month subscription fee with discounts for payments made semi-annually or annually.

If you, like me, do not use a BlackBerry, you might want to take a look at Google Voice’s call management features which includes per number blocking.

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