PRNewser Poll Results: The QR Code Is a Fad

Last week’s PRNewser poll focused on the QR code, which, as we noted previously, are turning up everywhere and have become an important tool for marketers. We asked if this would be the case for the long-term, or whether the QR code would go the way of the netbook, quickly becoming obsolete by newer technology.

The people have spoken and by a slim majority, respondents believe that the QR code will quickly be replaced by the next new thing.

Asked whether QR codes will continue to grow in marketing use, about 42 percent of respondents said “No. New technology will come along quickly to replace it.” That choice edged out “Maybe. Technology advances happen fast, so it’s hard to say.” That answer got nearly 41 percent of the vote.

Pulling up the rear with almost 17 percent was “Yes. They’re popular now and will be for a long time.”

So will Near Field Communication be the next thing? Or is it something else? The comments section is open.

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