PRNewser Poll Results: Which is Better for PR — Facebook or Twitter?

The votes are in, and, contrary to what I wrote previously, you say that Twitter is the better platform for publicists.  About 38 percent of respondents voted for Twitter and nearly 36 percent said it was too close to call. About 26 percent said Facebook was the better social platform. Votes were rolling in for Twitter on Twitter as well (natch), with a number of tweets declaring Twitter the clear favorite.

Of course, we’re not the first to ask the Twitter vs. Facebook question.

Gigaom has an infographic (c/o Digital Surgeons) that puts the two head-to-head, comparing lots of 2010 information about frequency of use, demographics of the using population, and other details. (There are a lot of similarities.)

Business Insider agreed with our majority in a story using SocialTwist data, writing, “Twitter may have a significantly smaller user-base than Facebook, but it requires less time for actionable exposure, offers more return on investment, and reaches a more specific audience and consumer base.” The results were the same, with

And the Forbes blog took the diplomatic approach, showing the differing natures of Facebook and Twitter and how communication on the two are different.

Certainly, the discussion will continue. Keep sending us your thoughts and pitches via email ( and @PRNewser. Thanks to everyone who participated on Twitter and here on the site.