‘Producer Matthew’ Closes His Blog

Aggregation journalist “Producer” Matthew Keys (@ProducerMatthew), who we first told you about in March, has stopped providing real-time news aggregations on his Tumblr blog, producermatthew.com.

Back in March, Keys was an unemployed journalist. He would aggregate important developments — especially pertaining to the Arab Spring — using Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. His efforts made him a finalist for an Online Journalism Award.

But two months after we published that interview, Keys was hired by KGO-TV, the ABC owned and operated station in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“In May, the work paid off when I was hired by a television station in the San Francisco Bay Area,” he wrote in a post earlier this week explaining his situation. “For a moment, I thought I could continue this project while fulfilling my new set of duties and obligations.”

Now fully employed, Keys says has to dedicate his time to his day job.

“I don’t like to contribute to projects if I can only give 50%,” he wrote. “After some contemplation, and for other reasons, I’ve decided this is the best course of action. It’s time for me to focus on new projects and new responsibilities.”

But the good news is that Keys is leaving the door open to doing something new with that Tumblr account.

“I’ll still be on Twitter and Facebook,” he told me. “Also: The project’s closed but the Tumblr account is still open, may relaunch.”