Productivity Coach Advises Making Goals ‘Laughable’ & Easy

visionIf you’ve ever set challenging goals and set the bar too high, listen up.

According to a Business Insider piece, productivity consultant and coach Tiago Forte, says high achievers typically create a situation where failure is likely and it’s “terribly, terribly devastating.”

For instance, if the goal is to become well read on media-related news, this means you’ll start reading two articles every day. Type A folks may set other goals like finishing all of the articles in their feed or saying they’ll read for an hour every night.

Instead of this mindset, Forte endorses making a goal “so easy that you can’t say no.” Apparently he quoted Leo Babauta, author of the Zenhabits blog. “It should be so simple that it’s laughable,” he adds.

For instance, let’s say you want to do 50 push-ups each day. Tell yourself you’ll do one a day plus one. So, on day one you’ll do just that — one push-up. On day two you’ll do two and the following day you’ll do three. Before you know it, you’re up to a few dozen and then finally you’re at 50.

Forte says this approach works well. First of all, it’s a baby step. Even though it may seem small, it’s certainly manageable. And it creates momentum.

Next, your pride’s on the line. You can’t beat yourself up about not meeting your goal because it’s so easy you can’t not do it. Per the piece, Forte indicated, “There’s a certain level at which you will not go easier just to save your own pride.”