Profile of Jerry Dior, Designer Behind MLB Logo

Thanks to a tipster who pointed our way to this bit of interesting: a profile on Jerry Dior, the designer behind the famous Major League Baseball logo, which is celebrating its 40th birthday this year. Launched in time for the 100th anniversary of the league, Dior and the firm he worked for at the time, Sandgren & Murtha, rolled out the logo in the fall of 1968 before the start of the following season. It’s a great piece, learning the whole story about such an iconic piece of branding, and Dior couldn’t possibly be any more of a nice guy who seems thrilled to be sharing it.

Major League Baseball spokesman Matt Bourne said in a statement that his organization has had “a number of discussions with Mr. Dior and his family and are researching the history of the silhouetted batter in connection with its 40th anniversary.”

Mr. Dior says that he would be grateful for official credit, if only to share his hardball legacy with his four children and four grandchildren. “Just to be recognized as the person who came up with the logo,” he said, “that would be great. It’s what I’m most proud of in my entire career as an illustrator.”

If there’s some sort of petition we can sign to make sure this happens, count us in.