Profile of MLB Logo Designer, Jerry Dior, Creates Minor Controversy

You might recall our post from a few days back about Jerry Dior, the designer who created the iconic Major League Baseball logo. Since then, after the story got passed around a bunch, a slight controversy arose over the question if Dior was really the real designer behind it, as there is no official paperwork backing up what he’s said, nor has the MLB given him direct credit or make specific comments on the whole thing. In addition, it was revealed that another designer, James Sherman, who worked for an entirely different firm, had taken credit for designing the logo as well. Fortunately, ESPN‘s intrepid reporter Paul Lukas got to the bottom of the whole debacle by talking to everyone involved and getting everything straightened out. In the end, there really wasn’t much of a controversy at all and Dior, for the most part, still holds the title as the logo’s original designer. But a very interesting ready getting from A to B to C and then back to A again.