Proloquo2Go: A $189.99 iPad/iPhone App That Customers Seem to Like a Lot. What is It?

Video courtesy of proloquo2go

Did you hear about the $189.99 iPhone (and iPad) app? Well, you might want to. No, this is not going to be one of my slightly snarky blog entries making fun of an overpriced app although that is what I thought I was going to write when I stumbled on:

Proloquo2Go 1.3.1

This app is designed as a communication aide for people who have difficulty speaking. It uses large finger friendly buttons labeled with both symbols and text to provide a text-to-speech tool. Of the 154 customer ratings made so far, 118 are 5-star ratings (76.6%). Only 11.6% of the ratings are 3-stars or below. Unless there is something very odd going on with the ratings for this app, this indicates that the vast majority of the apps buyers are very satisfied with their $189.99 purchase.