New From Twitter: Promoted Account Ads In Mobile Timelines

Launched back in 2010, Twitter’s Promoted Accounts advertising tool is, in my opinion, the most effective way to drive relevant followers to a profile on the platform.

Why? It works. End of. You only get charged when somebody actually follows you (the impressions are free), and the more you spend, the more followers you get.

Recently Twitter has been testing the Promoted Accounts feature within mobile Timelines on iOS and Android devices, and this functionality has now rolled out to all advertisers.

These recommendations leverage Tweets as a call to action and display natively in the home timeline. For example, a new coffee shop could run a geo-targeted Promoted Accounts campaign in timeline to build awareness about their business and explain why users should follow them on Twitter.

After a successful test with a number of advertisers, we are excited to expand this beta to all advertisers globally starting today. This option is available in addition to the existing Promoted Accounts format that runs within the Who to Follow section.

This is good news for Twitter, good news for Twitter stock holders and good news for brands looking to attract more followers, a huge percentage of which use Twitter exclusively on their mobile devices. And that number isn’t getting any smaller.

(Source: Twitter Blog. Follow me image via Shutterstock.)

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