Promoted Trends Earned Twitter At Least $5 Million In March [STATS]

One of the most effective – and lucrative – advertising products on Twitter is the Promoted Trend, which allows brands to dominate the Trending Topics on Twitter with a hashtag or phrase that sits right at the top of the list, thus guaranteeing high visibility and, one would assume, clicks.

This prominence comes at a price – back in February, the cost of a Promoted Trend on Twitter in the U.S. was hiked to an eye-opening $200,000. For one day. This is all relative, of course. There are more users of Twitter in the U.S. than in any other country, so they can charge more. A 24-hour Promoted Trend in the UK costs around £20,000, simply because, proportionately, less people will see it. But those figures add up, and they add up fast. In March alone, Twitter raked in more than $5 million from Promoted Trend advertising, and that was simply from sales made in the States.

These numbers come courtesy of CNBC social media strategist Eli Langer, who noted that, in March, 26 Promoted Trends were displayed in the U.S., and at the $200,000/day rate card price, that adds up to a hefty $5.2 million. All Things D’s Peter Kafka tallied up the campaigns, which you can see below.

Thursday (3/7): No Promoted Trend
Friday (3/8): #TheNextBigThing (Samsung)
Saturday (3/9): No Promoted Trend
Sunday (3/10): #TheBible (History Channel)
Monday (3/11): #FeedTheBeat (Taco Bell)
Tuesday (3/12): No Promoted Trend
Wednesday (3/13): #BurtWonderstone (Warner Brothers)
Thursday (3/14) #501s (Levi’s)
Friday (3/15) #TheCallMovie (Sony Pictures)
Saturday (3/16) #3dollarsub (Subway)
Sunday (3/17) No Promoted Trend
Monday (3/18) #BatesMotel (A&E)
Tuesday (3/19) #TheHobbit (The Hobbit Movie)
Wednesday (3/20) #HotNSpicy (McDonald’s)
Thursday (3/21) #BracketBusters (University of Phoenix)
Friday (3/20) #NickyFlash (AT&T)
Saturday (3/23) #RallyCry (Capital One)
Sunday (3/24) No Promoted Trend
Monday (3/25) #Blackberry10 (Blackberry)
Tuesday (3/26) #ItsNotComplicated (AT&T)
Wednesday (3/27) #NYIAS (Toyota)
Thursday (3/28) #TheHost (Twilight Movie)
Friday (3/29) #GiJoeRetaliation (Possibly a few production companies via The Rock’s Twitter account)
Saturday (3/30) #OrphanBlack (BBC America)
Sunday (3/31) #TheWalkingDead (AMC)
Monday (4/1) #AprilFools (Jockey )
Tuesday (4/2) #twEATfor1K (Wendys)
Wednesday (4/3) #BoBSantigoldLive (Vitamin Water)
Thursday (4/4) No Promoted Trend
Friday (4/5) #EvilDead (Sony)
Saturday (4/6) #FinalFour (Capital One)
Sunday (4/7) #MadMen (AMC)

This, of course, doesn’t include other Promoted Products that these advertisers likely will also have been paying for on Twitter, such as Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts, nor does it include Promoted Trends that will have been implemented in other countries.

We can debate the value of these Promoted Trends – especially looking at some of examples above, which are pretty lacklustre – and of course we do not know how well these products have worked for these brands (in an ROI sense). And likely we never will. However, one thing is very clear – all of this will be adding up to a pretty tidy sum for Twitter, Inc, which is eyeing $1 billion in ad revenue for 2014, and it looks like Promoted Trends will be a large chunk of those earnings.

(Source: AllThingsD.)