ProPublica, The New York Times and the AP Are Up Late Sorting Through Trump Admin Financial Disclosures

And they're asking for help

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

Today’s the day the Trump administration has decided to release the financial disclosure forms filled out by senior White House officials, and by today, we mean this evening, and by this evening, we’ll leave it to this tweet from ProPublica to tell it:

For more context, here is an explanation from the live blog The New York Times set up to report on its discoveries:

The White House disclosures fit an age-old pattern in Washington of dumping mountains of documents on Fridays, when normal people have left work and are beginning to enjoy their weekend. Not many are likely to be glued to their computers and television sets to track the wealth of White House officials.

But there’s also an added hurdle this time around: the dump isn’t a public one, with the White House declining to disclose the documents publicly, sending them in response to specific requests instead.

What AP, ProPublica and The New York Times have done in response is create a Google doc that contains the disclosures, as well as a Google form for those who want to search through the documents in order to help highlight interesting and relevant information.

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