Protect Your Privacy Online With MyPermissions App

Does the NSA PRISM scandal make you wary of digitally sharing your personal information? Online security tools company MyPermissions has upgraded its app to help you better understand and control how apps and websites are accessing your personal data online. Using MyPermissions Cleaner you can find out which sites and apps are trying to access your personal information and them approve or remove these apps based on how you feel about this. The app offers you real-time mobile alerts, so as soon as a site tries to gain access, you can get an alert.

Here is more about how it works from the press release:

MyPermissions scans connected application permissions pages across social networks and cloud services, and has tracked the permissions of nearly 300,000 apps. Its mobile, live alerts for Facebook, Google, Twitter, DropBox, and Instagram let consumers know whenever an application accesses their personally identifiable information (PII), and gives them the choice to allow access to their data, or revoke it.
“No longer do we store our information on computers protected by Anti-Viruses and Firewalls. Today, our lives are online. Our emails, calendar, contacts, business relations, our personal photos and files are all on the cloud,” explained Olivier Amar, CEO of MyPermissions in a statement. “Over the past week, we’ve heard a lot about the NSA scandal, PRISM, and how the government is accessing our personal information. But millions of apps and sites also gain access to this information on a daily basis. We’re giving consumers a way to finally protect and control their data.”

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