PRSA North Florida Stages Most Respectful, Most Mixed-Messagey Not-A-Flash Mob Ever…Or: Why Your Job In PR Is Destined To Be Dorky

The North Florida chapter of the Public Relations Society of America staged a flash mob in Jacksonville over the weekend to promote…something, proving that despite their oft-polished appearance, flacks are just as dorky as everyone else. And that’s okay.

The PRSA folks along with friends, family members, and two random girls who accidentally walked into the rehearsal, staged a choreographed dance to Ke$ha’s ‘Tick Tock’ while wearing football player Tim Tebow-inspired garb and eye black promoting a charitable initiative by IWearYourShirt founder Jason Sadler.

Confused yet?

Here’s a news report on the event:

Here’s the kicker: you can see in that vid (and also in this five-minute long “raw footage” video, which is not at all raw but clearly edited) that the participants all run up to a stage area, surrounded by microphones, clear of people.

Isn’t a flash mob, by definition, kind of a mob?

“We had to coordinate with the folks at [Jacksonville] Landing to make sure we weren’t interrupting the folks on stage,” organizer Bonnie Upright told us today. And having the stage area was helpful, she said, because “it probably made my dancers feel better that they didn’t feel like they were imposing or interrupting anything.”

So yeah, not really a real flash mob. Polite, though, which is a great thing, except it raises the question: Which is less like a flash mob, this Jacksonville thing or the rioting kids in Philly?

And as for the message:
“We wanted to do something that demonstrated what PR people do, as one of our many jobs… we wanted to do something that was very current, very modern, [and we wanted to] have a little fun with our most famous celebrity at this moment.”

Not to mention promoting Sadler’s charitable initiative, 1MillionShirts.

But seriously, how does football get into this? Isn’t there enough here with the dancing and the shirt-promoting?

“Candidly, strategically,” Upright told us, “knowing the draft was Thursday night, we thought we had the potential to take this to a national scale.”

Okay. Now that’s PR.

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