Public Welcomes Google+ While Facebook Stumbles

Google+ is now open to the public. The company has announced an open invitation for anyone who wants to join. Some users may think it took Google a long time to remove the invitation policy. But it was a smart move to do it now while Facebook stumbles with its upgrades.

Over the last 12 weeks, known as the field trail beta, the social network added new whiz-bangs and fixed a few kinks here and there. Google even set up a special site to field known problems and collect any new problems.

Even though there were problems, the platform took off with millions of users coming on board. Technology News Blog has a nice run of Google+ user numbers to speculate the total number of users. As of September 19, 2011, Google has 74 million profiles on the platform.

It can’t go without mentioning that recently Facebook did some revamping, which has caused some troubles with its users. Personally, I went to my Facebook page, got confused and turn around and logged out. I didn’t have time to deal with another learning curve on my social network.

Google couldn’t have timed the open invitation better. Facebook is facing some problems as I write this. Posts saying “Google Plus,” “Add Me to Google,” “Got My Google” and so on are up on Facebook at a rate of about once every five seconds. It quite something to behold.

So, those who haven’t signed up for Google+ yet, you can go to the official website to sign up for the service.

You will notice once you sign up that Google informs you that Google+ is in Beta. Being in Beta means that users may run into technical issues and other problems on the site during that time. So, you have been forewarned.

Another cool thing, Google+ added some more whiz-bangs along with their opening to the public. The new features include hangouts on the phone — just like desktop users can. Another feature is hangouts on Air, which allows Google+ users to record a session. This session can then be viewed by anyone. Hangouts got even more additional extras, too. But, what is really cool is the improved Search in Google+.

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