Publish Your Magazine App Using MediaWire

Want to turn your print publication into a digital magazine and distribute it through Google Play, iTunes or the Apple Newsstand? Check out MediaWire. The mobile app design company just introduced a new tool call MediaWire Mobile that will help you transform your print magazine into an iOS or Android app and submit it directly to the store for you.

Using the service, you can upload a PDF and it will automatically be formatted into a digital edition. Any hyperlinks within the file for affiliate marketing purposes will automatically work in the online edition. The platform is also integrated with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, so you can connect your social profiles with  your app pretty easily. The platform is also loaded with analytics, so you can check out how many downloads your magazine gets, as well as engagement metrics.

Once you make your digital magazine, remember you’ll have to come up with some good ways to get discovered. It’ll help to promote your app magazine on your social networks, as well as to email and print subscribers.