Pulitzer Winner Considers Other Career Options

The Washington Post today followed up on Daniel Gilbert, the Virginia reporter who last week won the highest Pulitzer in all the land for his look at gas-mining royalties owed to Virginia landowners. And they found out that the “scrappy reporter” may already be ready to hang up the spurs.

Reports the Post:

Since winning his Pulitzer, Gilbert hasn’t received any job offers from big newspaper recruiters. “There’s a lot of buzz at the moment, but none of that means I’m a better journalist,” he said. “I wouldn’t say this catapults me to stardom.”

Driving back to the newsroom from Hale’s property, Gilbert contemplated his future in a troubled business. “I’m wondering if I’m okay with being a journalist for my career,” he said. “This is the time to consider other careers. I got into journalism because I wanted to be a foreign correspondent, but I don’t see that as a viable career path — not even after [last] Monday’s news.”

We’re sorry to hear that, especially since Gilbert sounded so dedicated to the story when we spoke with him last week. But then again, Gilbert’s managing editor did say that the paper’s feature on three area Hooters girls making the cut for the national calendar did better numbers than the Pulitzer-winning gas-mine coverage. We can see how that might put a dent in a reporter’s ambitions.

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