Pulitzers: Now With More Magazine Eligibility

Before you read this, venture a guess?

Good news for fans of magazines seeping into what was once uncontested newspaper turf: the Pulitzer Prize Board announced today that magazines, both print and digital, will be allowed to submit work for consideration in the International Reporting, Criticism and Editorial Cartooning categories.

Magazines were allowed in for the first time last year in the Investigative Reporting and Feature Writing categories, which now gives magazines five categories of award eligibility.

“The experimental opening to two categories was successful,” said Pulitzer chairman of the board Paul Gigot, explaining what was behind this year’s expansion. “We had more entries in the two categories, and a finalist in Feature Writing came from The New Yorker. The Pulitzer Prize centennial next year will celebrate a wonderful legacy, but we are also taking necessary steps to move into the future.”

In an interview with CJR’s Chris Ip last year about the first round of expanded eligibility, administrator Mike Pride basically guaranteed further expansion was coming:

I wouldn’t say it’s inevitable. But I would say that the board has a pretty good process for being forward-looking about these things, and I think the consideration of further openings is a certainty.

Just from a personal standpoint, if I look at criticism and commentary, those are areas that are really moving out of daily print journalism in some cases and onto the Web.

Submissions for this year’s awards will open in December. For the full updated rundown of rules, go here.

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