Puss Puss, a Magazine Devoted to Cat Lovers, Is Halfway Towards Its Dream Cover Subjects

One Vogue legend down, one fashion designer still to go

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Launched in 2014 and based in London, Puss Puss magazine publishes twice a year. It is an entirely sincere celebration of people who love cats and is the brainchild of Maria Joudina-Robinson.

Above is Grace Coddington, creative director at large of American Vogue, on one of four covers for current Issue #5. It’s a big get for Puss Puss, and when EIC Joudina-Robinson spoke recently with New York magazine’s The Cut, she explained how it came about:

“When I started the magazine there were a couple of people that I thought it would be a dream to feature, and Grace was pretty much the top. We’ve been trying to claw our way to her for a very long time–we’ve sent her some magazines and had mutual friends pass her some copies.”

“When we launched our last issue with Chloë Sevigny, we did it at Colette in Paris, simultaneously with Grace launching her perfume that’s shaped like a kitty–so we met there. For this issue, we had the amazing stylist Heathermary Jackson on board who co-curated the issue so it was a combination of all the groundwork we had done and Heathermary knowing what people to get involved to make it all happen. I hope Karl Lagerfeld is next. That would be the dream and then you can retire.”

Speaking of Paris, there was also once for Puss Puss there a nightmare photo shoot involving a Siamese cat. That incident taught the magazine to now always wrangle two cats for photo shoots, in case one feline decides not to cooperate. The print edition is available at select New York locations, including MOMA.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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