Putting Candidates Through The Wringer…BECAUSE YOU CAN

Hiring candidates used to be a quick process. You put out an ad, got a few applications and picked the best one or two.

Now, even though hiring is returning, there’s still at least two unemployed people for every single open position out there in most parts of the country, and employers are taking advantage of it.

At Forum Financial Management, an advisory services firm, the recent hire of an administrative assistant took six months, Workforce reports.

“[Norm] Mindel[, a principal at Forum Financial,] said he wanted to be sure that the firm found the right person, even though a number of the applicants were overly qualified.”

Really? If someone’s overqualified and you’re okay with that (and it’s usually less of a problem than everyone worries, so go for it), why take six months?

Mindel says: “We had all of the associates sit and meet with every candidate and give us their feedback. They each spent an hour with the candidates. It took a long time.”

At another advisory firm, the new hiring process has been codified: every interviewee will meet every employee on staff and will be interviewed by six employees.

How well will this work in a year or so when hiring becomes more competitive?

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