Puzzle Coaster: Design your own coasters to collect coins on iOS, Kindle

Image via Marvelous Games

Marvelous Games, best known for its involvement with console games like Harvest Moon and No More Heroes, has announced the release of a casual mobile game on iOS and Kindle: Puzzle Coaster. The game takes players to the theme park and allows them to build and test their own roller coasters with the goal of safely transporting a train full of passengers from the beginning station to the end.

Developed by Bravo Game Studios, Puzzle Coaster is a puzzle game at its core, asking players to draw lines on the screen to create a path for the coaster to take to the end station. Coins offer hints for the appropriate path the coaster should take, and players tap and drag their finger on the screen to create pieces of track.

The game offers a magnified view when drawing pieces of track, so players can confirm when multiple pieces are touching and linked. As a puzzle game, levels become more complicated over time, introducing lift hills, bounce pads and more. The coaster’s train isn’t glued to the track, so players must take physics into account before placing any piece of track which may send it flying.

Image via Marvelous Games

Each level rewards players with up to three medals, depending on how many coins they collect in the stage. At launch, the game offers three different theme parks, each with 21 levels.

“When creating Puzzle Coaster – we wanted to make a game that is simple enough for a young audience to love, but has an extra level of complexity that adults can get enjoyment from,” says Enrique Garcia, Project Manager at Bravo Game Studios, in a statement. “I am very happy with the outcome, and I think that it has turned out to be exactly how I imagined – accessible, beautiful and most importantly enjoyable.”

Puzzle Coaster is now available to download on iOS and Kindle for $1.99. The game will also come to Google Play soon. Check back soon to follow Puzzle Coaster on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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