Q3 Social Logins: Google Makes Slow Gains; Facebook Indomitable

The biggest challenge to Facebook was in the publishing space where Google+ market share increased five percent.

Facebook is a powerhouse in mobile, content aggregation and social media. The Q3 report from social identity management provider Gigya is evidence of this fact. While there have been some changes in the social login landscape, Facebook’s influence in the digital market seems all but indomitable.

According to the report, Facebook has experienced a slight decline over the last two quarters and Google+ edged its way back up. At 22 percent of the overall social login market, Google+ is making a slow climb toward its 2014 peak. All the other major platforms, Twitter, Yahoo and LinkedIn, remained steady.

The biggest challenge to Facebook’s dominance appears to be in the media/publishing space, where Google+ increased five percent of the market and Facebook was down seven. Still, these incremental changes seem rather minor when Facebook still boasts nearly 70 percent of all social logins and at least one report cited Facebook as the top source of referral traffic for major publishers.

For more Q3 data, check out the infographic below.

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