Qik for Android 0.1.93 Lets the Sony Ericsson X10 Record at 800×480 Pixels

The Qik for Android 0.1.93 update lets Sony Ericsson X10 owners broadcoast video at the relatively high resolution of 800×480 (phone video generally is recorded at 640×480).

Qik for Android Updated: 480p video support on Sony Ericsson X10 and more…

I don’t have an X10. But, I do have a Motorola Droid which was already capable of sharing video at 480 vertical pixels. Unfortunately, the Droid’s camera has never impressed me with its soft-focus looking still and video recordings (unlike the Nexus One which takes sharp clean photos and videos). You can see a Qik video recorded indoors (but with lots of ambient sunlight) using Qik 0.1.93 on a Droid in the embedded video above. As you can see, it takes more than increasing vertical pixel count to product a good looking video. You also need a decent piece of glass acting as a lens (something the Droid does not have).

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