Qik Video Connect for Android Released. Plus Version for iPhone Free This Week Only

Qik released a new version of Qik for Android with a new name: Qik Video Connect.

See what you’re missing with new Qik Video Connect apps (Qik blog)

Two Qik Video Connect users can carry on a live video chat. Live video can be shared via Facebook and Twitter too. Qik claims that the apps unique spin is its ability to send video email to someone who is unable to connect live to the video being streamed from their app. Note, however, that while video email is free for a trial period that ends on June 1, there is a recurring charge associated with the service after that.

Qik Video Connect for Android 0.08.27 (Android Market)

Qik Video Connect for Android weighs in at a hefty 10.93mb. It does not provide an option to move the app to an SD card. I had to uninstall it right after I took a quick look at it.

iPhone users should take note that the normally $2.99 Qik Video Connect Plus for iPhone is free this week.

Qik Video Connect Plus for iPhone 6.3 (iTunes App Store)

Video courtesy of qikinc

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