Qik Video Pro Produced Surprisingly Good Video & Extremely Good Audio Using an iPhone 3G

I took advantage of Qik’s weekend sale of

Qik Video Camera Pro for any iPhone

Qik dropped its price from $1.99 to free. In fact, in the wee hours of Tuesday, April 20, it is still showing up as free in the iTunes App Store. You can see a short video recording created with the app on an iPhone 3G.

Given that the 3G is not natively capable of recording video, I was impressed by the overal video quality and extremely impressed by the excellent audio quality. Even the digtal zoom produced reasonable results.

My earlier dismissal of the app (I didn’t want to spend $1.99 on an app I thought wouldn’t perform well on a 3G model) was, it seems, made in error. Qik Video Camera Pro worked much better than I expected on my iPhone 3G.