Queens of the Stone Age Frontman Keeps NPR Motor Running

We’re not sure who individually is responsible for this great radio.com lede. But whoever you are, bravo!

The article starts out with the arresting mental image of Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme roaring into the KROQ-FM parking lot astride a Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide. Not quite, the item suggests, the kind of bike a hard rock singer would be expected to favor. Then, the kicker:

“Yeah, I like to cruise around on it because I can listen to NPR while I ride,” Homme explained plainly, referencing the non-commercial radio network popular for such highbrow programming as This American Life and All Things Considered.

The dichotomy of this towering, red-haired guitar icon relaxing to the intellectual leanings of public radio might be glaring on the surface, but it points to the crux of his band’s impressively broad appeal, despite being one of the music world’s most decidedly rough and tumble (not to mention twisted) rock and roll outfits since Motorhead.

The radio.com article has been getting a lot of ink for Homme’s revelation that he recently and narrowly avoided colliding with a celebrity driving a Range Rover. But we were most struck by the great lede. Read the full piece, which went online just today, here.

[“…Like Clockwork” album image courtesy: iTunes]

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