Quickoffice Connect for iPhone Updated: Polarized User Ratings

Quickoffice’s press release about their Quickoffice Connect product reads:

transforms the mobile office experience and delivers an unparalleled level of remote file access and management from a smartphone. Through strategic partnerships with the likes of Box.net and Dropbox, Quickoffice Connect provides mobile cloud storage access within one integrated and easy-to-use application. Released first on the iPhone and offering additional access to MobileMe, Quickoffice plans to roll out its newest service cross-platform to Apple iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and other platforms.

Quickoffice® Advances Market Position with Launch of New Product and Strategic Partnerships in 2010

There are two editions for the iPhone:

1. Quickoffice Connect is the free version for the iPhone. It works on the iPhone in compatibility viewing mode and provides the ability to share files between the iPhone and several file sharing services: MobileMe, Box.net, Google Docs, and Dropbox.

2. Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite is a $9.99 app that can share files like the free version and adds the ability to edit Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

The app onkly has 40 customer ratings for the current version released on April 20. However, it has an interesting bi-modal distribution with people stacked at the two ends. 12 people gave it the full 5-star (excellent) rating while 13 gave it a 1-star rating. the other 15 people are nearly evenly scattered in the 2 to 4 star range.

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