Quizdom: Trivia meets pirate ship battles on Facebook


Game developer Wopidom has released its first social title on Facebook, the pirate-themed quiz game Quizdom. In Quizdom, players become the captain of a pirate ship, and are challenged with sinking their opponents’ vessels by answering trivia questions.

Battles are turn-based, and see players answering a large number of questions to determine how many percentage points of damage the enemy ship will suffer. When players finish answering their set of questions, the opponent gets a chance to answer the same questions, doing their own damage to the players’ ship.

Players can equip boosters to their ship to protect it or increase its attack power during combat. The TNT boost, for instance, causes much more damage to the enemy ship than a basic cannon ball attack, while the Lookout spyglass removes two wrong answers from each question’s four possible choices.

Questions focus on pop culture topics, like celebrities and movies, as well on history, politics and more. Gamers can challenge strangers to instant battles, or can invite their Facebook friends to battles at their leisure. While Quizdom supports multiple active games, players lose a life when they start a new game. These lives recharge automatically over time, or can be refilled instantly with real money.

Quizdom is available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.