QuizUp Trivia Game Update Allows User-Generated Topics, Questions

The My QuizUp feature allows users to create their own topics and trivia questions before challenging their friends to matches.

Following the expansion of its trivia game QuizUp into a social networking platform earlier this year, developer Plain Vanilla Games has introduced the My QuizUp feature to the platform, allowing users to create their own topics and questions for other players to answer.

The stock QuizUp experience currently offers more than 750,000 questions across 1,500 topics. Since the game launched in 2013, QuizUp has been played by more than 75 million users, with seven million games played per day. This equates to more than five billion matches in total, and more than 50 billion questions answered since launch. Gamers spend an average of 30 minutes playing the game per day.

With this new My QuizUp feature, players can log onto the QuizUp website and create their own topics, giving them titles, descriptions and more. Before each new topic is added to the system, the creator must add at least seven trivia questions for users to answer. These questions can be accompanied by images.

QuizUp Topic Creation

Once each topic is created, players can create additional questions at a later time, or jump back into the app to challenge their friends or strangers to a game. As all users finish rounds in these created topics, they earn experience or ‘mastery’ points for the topic, and can track the top participants on the topic’s specific leaderboards. The original topic creator can delete the topic at any time.

In a statement, Thor Fridriksson, founder and CEO of QuizUp, commented on the My QuizUp feature:

Having users create their own topics in QuizUp is something that we’ve always wanted to be able to do. By opening up QuizUp, we are fundamentally changing the content creation process by giving our users the ability to create quizzes and communities about anything, or everything they want. We can’t wait to see what our users will create using our topic creation tools. This is without a doubt the biggest change ever to QuizUp and we think people will love it.

The first day of availability for the My QuizUp feature saw 2,000 topics added to the system. If users find offensive user-generated content, they can report it.

QuizUp is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, the Amazon Appstore and the Windows Phone Store. Gamers can also play the game on the Web.