Quote of Note | Alasdhair Willis

“I first became interested in design when I was about 13. My father had an Alfa Romeo Spider, which I thought was as cool as it gets. To sit in the Alfa was to be transported from the gray, wet weather of North Yorkshire, England, to the winding roads of the Amalfi Coast. From then on everything I looked at was through a rather critical design eye.

Good design, for me, must go beyond functionality and form. Both are important, but great design does not exist without also delivering a sense of spirit. A chair is a chair is a chair, but a chair that communicates a personality will always resonate. In fact, designing a great chair is the holy grail for a product designer. Many try, but few have succeeded. One chair I really love is Chair One by Konstantin Grcic. It delivers everything I want to see from functionality to personality and intelligence.”

-London-based entrepreneur and Hunter creative director Alasdhair Willis in WSJ. magazine

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