Quote of Note | Antonio Berardi

“There were certain things in the collection that reminded me of things I had touched on previously. Early on in a career you are allowed to change from season to season, so you can show everything that’s possible. And then later on, you realize that, try as hard as you may, people will always go for those things that they recognize you for. For me, they go for body con. This season you saw it a lot in stretch wool. We tried to cut it almost as if it was a body, and then slashed into it and moved it around. You have a series of black-and-white dresses that feel as if they have been dissected and put back together. But I saw this season as cleaner. It was almost as if we had taken away lots of the embellishments. I am Sicilian, so there tends to be a sense of the baroque in things, which I’m trying to move away from. When we do embellish, it’s never just for the sake of it.”

-Fashion designer Antonio Berardi discussing his fall 2011 collection in an interview with Dan Rubinstein published in the August issue of Surface

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