Quote of Note | Carlos Carcas

“I think the main difference in this film [relative to previous projects] was the challenge of capturing the portrait of a man who is constantly in motion, traveling great distances at great speed. Add to this the fact that deep down inside, [Norman] Foster (pictured) didn’t really want to have a film made about him. He has a huge list of priorities and a movie about his life is probably second to last on the list. He’s not interested in having his picture taken. He doesn’t have that need. For Foster, the high comes from design, and the main preoccupation is how to make the next design a little bit better. So how do you keep up with someone who’s going from country to country faster than you can keep up with and who’s not going to wait to make sure you get a good shot. That, and to spend time traveling together in close quarters knowing that the person in front of you would probably be happier if you weren’t holding a camera–that was the main challenge and in the end he was great, very generous.”

Carlos Carcas, who directed How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster? with Norberto López Amado. The documentary is now available on DVD.

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