Quote of Note | Cory Arcangel

“People keep coming at me with the question, is it a painting or is it a photograph? Technically it’s a photograph. It’s a photograph because it’s photographic paper. But obviously I think about them as paintings, because they refer to the history of painting, right? I also have to think about them as sculptures, because every part of the process is part of the project. They’re sculptures because they play on the idea of what should be hanging in a gallery. In that sense they’re also kind of ready-mades….They’re uniques. I advertise them as being really easy to make, but the truth is, nothing is really easy to make. I make hundreds and hundreds of them, and then I edit down to the four that seem to work well together. But, of course, I try to play it up. Like, ‘Oh, they’re so easy. It’s nothing.'”

Cory Arcangel, in an interview with fellow artist Mary Heilmann published in the April issue of Interview. An exhibition of new work by Arcangel opens May 26 at the Whitney Museum of American Art.