Quote of Note | Eva Zeisel

“It had a great feeling of unreality. I mean, I was a designer of china; I was not in the business of killing Stalin. Imagine yourself! Most of the time I did not believe that I would have an opportunity to relate this to anybody. I really did not. There was very little probability that I would live—nobody wished me well.”

-Designer Eva Zeisel (1906-2011) in her prison memoir, published in issue 14 of A Public Space. On Thursday evening, Cooper-Hewitt director Bill Moggridge kicks off a new year of Bill’s Design Talks with a tribute to Zeisel. Joining Moggridge on stage at The Greene Space will be art critic Jed Perl (The New Republic) and the designing duo of James Klein and David Reid (KleinReid), who collaborated with Zeisel on a series of ceramics and prints. Buy tickets here.

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