Quote of Note | Mateo Tannatt

“For the past year, I have been working on a video that records my day-to-day activity in the studio. I have used color–or rather, monochrome–as the backdrop for narrative interruptions….I am fascinated by the viewer’s experiences of seeing only one color. In my film, I have attempted to insert a narrative into a monochrome color, tainting it and making it dirty, rather in the way a window functions in certain kinds of Modernist architecture. It’s intriguing that color is one of the most subjective categories in art; there is no single color theory, but only theories, making color a very useful interpretive tool. Since color defies logic, while remaining within the field of objective scientific measurement, it has the possibility of an absurd play of differences.”

-Los Angeles-based artist Matteo Tannatt, whose monochromatic benches punctuated Frieze New York as part of Frieze Projects.