Quote of Note | Michael H. Miller on Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s “Playboy Magazine: Sharon Stone” and “Baby Talk Magazine: Strengthen Your Baby” (both 2011–12), on view in an exhibition of new work by Bob Dylan at Gagosian Gallery.

“I tried studying these canvases for secret messages. They couldn’t just be half-hearted parodies of magazine covers. No way. I scanned dates and images and the names and residences of the addressees (subscriber mailing labels are printed in the corners of most of the pieces). I searched for a ‘Mr. Orville‘ residing at 573 Tuxedo Terrace and found no listing. I tried to convince myself that ‘Richard Staehung‘ was a coded identity and not just an immature dick joke. All I could come up with was a conspiracy theory cooked up by a friend, that both of Mr. Dylan’s shows at Gagosian are actually the work of Richard Prince using ‘Bob Dylan‘ as a pseudonym, making the ultimate statement on art and artifice, and proving once and for all that Bob Dylan is whoever you want him to be.”

The New York Observer‘s Michael H. Miller reviewingRevisionist Art: Thirty Works by Bob Dylan,” on view through January 12 at Gagosian’s uptown NYC gallery.

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